The World Within

Exploring The Master Keys

Come along as I explore the "Hidden World Within" as revealed by Haanel and Mandino in the Master Key System and The Greatest Salesman In The World and then Launch your own Hero's Journey by getting on the EARLY BIRD LIST for the next MKMMA Experience!

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Chronicles of a Master Keys Mastermind Adventure

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Massive Action Is NOT The Answer

As I began my Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience, imagine my surprise when I heard those words. Every “self help” Guru pounds that into you. “Set your goals and take Massive Action” is the formula to Success! So I sat up and took notice.

I applied for a Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Scholarship and was fortunate to have received one. So now I am on a quest to chip away the cement and reveal the power within. Each week for 26 weeks and beyond I will be posting my thoughts, observations and experiences as I undertake this journey.

You can follow that progression here.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience

Og Mandino

“The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino reveals to us the priceless wisdom of Ten Ancient Scrolls.

The Master Keys

Along with his challenge to Napoleon Hill, author of the classic “Think And Grow Rich”, Andrew Carnegie provided the fundamental keys without which, Hill’s search for the secrets to success would never have been concluded.

Mark and Davene Januszewski

Originators of the revolutionary Pay It Forward Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Scholarship Program are guiding us through this adventure. Their goal; to help us think and do in a certain way, because we are what we habitually think. The world without is a reflection of the world within.

Our Recent Contributions

Your Future Should Not Be Left To Chance

Your Future - Are You In Control? Have you given any thought to what you really want more of in your life? Most people focus their thoughts on the things they don't want. And thereby end up getting more of the same. What about your future? What are you thinking about? The average person worries about the mortgage and the car payments. When the credit card statement comes in [...]

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Unique Gifts You Own Are Valuable Only If Shared

Discover Your Unique Gifts It's a fact. You are unique. Right down to the smallest detail of your physical, mental and spiritual makeup. Nobody has the same fingerprint, exact same facial print, or same eye print. Nobody thinks exactly like you. And no one has feelings exactly like yours. Your genetic makeup is unique. As technology advances there are more annd more ways to de [...]

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Of Mice And Men

What Might Have Been I just recently discovered that one of Ralph Waldo Emerson's mentors was Wordsworth. That perhaps explains some of the poetry in Emerson's writing as well as the sometimes incomprehensibility to mere mortals like me.  His of mice and men quote caught my attention recently.   May the Power be Yours, Terry [...]

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Desire And A Positive Mental Attitude Equals Success

Just Know What You Want Desire is knowing what you want and feeling it in the depths of your Solar Plexus. Samuel B Fuller was an American entrepreneur who came from humble beginnings. His mother taught him they were not poor because God wanted them to be so; rather they were poor because nobody had a desire to be anything other than poor. Samuel went on to prove her right, [...]

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