The World Within

Exploring The Master Keys

Come along as I explore the "Hidden World Within" as revealed by Haanel and Mandino in the Master Key System and The Greatest Salesman In The World and then Launch your own Hero's Journey by getting on the EARLY BIRD LIST for the next MKMMA Experience!

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Chronicles of a Master Keys Mastermind Adventure

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Massive Action Is NOT The Answer

As I began my Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience, imagine my surprise when I heard those words. Every “self help” Guru pounds that into you. “Set your goals and take Massive Action” is the formula to Success! So I sat up and took notice.

I applied for a Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Scholarship and was fortunate to have received one. So now I am on a quest to chip away the cement and reveal the power within. Each week for 26 weeks and beyond I will be posting my thoughts, observations and experiences as I undertake this journey.

You can follow that progression here.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience

Og Mandino

“The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino reveals to us the priceless wisdom of Ten Ancient Scrolls.

The Master Keys

Along with his challenge to Napoleon Hill, author of the classic “Think And Grow Rich”, Andrew Carnegie provided the fundamental keys without which, Hill’s search for the secrets to success would never have been concluded.

Mark and Davene Januszewski

Originators of the revolutionary Pay It Forward Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Scholarship Program are guiding us through this adventure. Their goal; to help us think and do in a certain way, because we are what we habitually think. The world without is a reflection of the world within.

Our Recent Contributions

Inspiration And The Lesson of the Firefly

What Does A Firefly Have To Do With Inspiration Inspiration and motivation can come from many sources. As I went about my day the following words evoked one of those 'Aha' moments that sometimes creep into my consciousness very quietly, but have a profound effect. These words from Og Mandino in The Scroll Marked IX from his classic book "The Greatest Salesman in the World" [...]

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Follow Your Bliss No Matter What Anyone Thinks

Have You Been Fortunate Enough To Follow Your Bliss What does follow your Bliss really mean? Ask yourself, "am I really happy doing what I do for a living? Is that what I live for and would rather do than anything else?" If you answered yes to those questions you are clearly living your dream and following your Bliss. Whenever I think of someone who loves their job becau [...]

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Kindness Costs Nothing

Kindness Costs Nothing But Returns A Fortune Seemingly small and inconsequential acts of kindness can have great importance to the recipients.  A case in point is the young man from Ghana who reached out to me on Facebook sometime ago, inviting me to become a Friend. I did so as he appeared to have just opened his Facebook account and had very few friends. I heard nothing [...]

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Your Hero’s Journey Is A Guided Tour MKMMA Week 24-2

Let Me Be Your Hero's Journey Guide We've come to the end of another Master Key Experience Session. But it's also a new beginning. I was reminded today that every story, movie, fable and fairy tale follows an age old pattern. Every story has a hero who faces some great challenge. Every hero has a guide or helper who assists him or her in the process of facing this challenge. R [...]

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