Monthly Archives: May 2016

Form Good Habits And Become Their Slave

Good Habits Are Welcome Slave Drivers None can deny that the cultivation of good habits is an indispensable route to success. Equally obvious is the fact that bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. Og Mandino’s words from The Greatest Salesman In The World – The Scroll Marked I reverberate in my mind: This powerful […]

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Hero Within

How Can You Become A Hero The question arises “how can anyone and everyone be a hero” because most people do not understand there lurks within each of us a genuine hero waiting to be revealed. It’s not some Knight in shining armor on a mighty steed, but a person who throws of the shackles […]

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Goals And How To Achieve Yours

How Can You Achieve Your Goals In Life “How can I achieve my goals?” is a question asked in myriad ways and in numerous forums. For most people, a better question might be “what are your goals in life?” The sad fact is that 95% of people never really figure out what they want in […]

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Positive Thinking Can Change Lives

How is Positive Thinking and Self Respect Changing Lives? Positive thinking is one of the most powerful aspects of your mind. If you make a habit of positive thinking and develop a positive mental attitude you will have developed a habit of untold value to your success in life. I know from my study of The […]

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