Monthly Archives: June 2016

Creative Thinking and Concentration

The Power of Thought My experience this week really brought home to me the problem solving power of intention and concentration of thought.. Overcoming difficulties by applying creative thinking to any problem produces amazing results. All that’s required is a clear understanding of the problem to be solved (intention) and then absolute and prolonged concentration […]

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Nature’s Greatest Miracle In My Backyard

Look And You Will Find Nature’s Greatest Miracle Everywhere My backyard has been alive with bird life this Spring. It’s been quite amusing and even exciting to watch “The Little General“, who just knows he’s nature’s greatest miracle. He’s not big but he casts a big shadow. I wrote about this elsewhere but I wanted […]

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Perseverance Is A Success Principle

Perseverance Is A Habit The Scroll Marked III ( The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino) we learn the ancients valued perseverance or persistence as an absolute necessity for success in life. Even though the story is told from the perspective of a salesman, the principle is both timeless and universal. I have written about […]

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