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Terrence NeraasenWelcome To The Master Key Experience

My name is Terry Neraasen and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am fortunate to be participating in the Master Key Experience and this site will chronicle my progress.

Just consider me a Boomer with no need or desire to retire. I’m constantly learning, striving for excellence and absolute liberty of get, give and do whatever I desire, with no concern about the costs.

My passions are family and the natural world to which I dedicate myself and all my efforts. My focus in life is leaving a legacy of wealth and opportunity for my family along with a positive personal impact upon the health of our marvelous planet. On a global scale, water conservation and conversion to renewable energy are the two most fundamental issues facing this world of ours. I am compelled to actively seek solutions.

My wife, an awesome teacher, mother and grandmother and I have three wonderful children who are now responsible, successful adults. They have blessed us with 8 grand kids whom we “love to bits”.

My love of nature in general and wetlands and wildlife specifically, led me to a career in conservation. There I had the privilege of contributing directly to wetland and waterfowl conservation and management for more than twenty years. I passed on an appreciation of these resources to my children and I now take immense pleasure in seeing them do the same with theirs.

I am grateful that my good friend Dennis Goff Introduced me to the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance.  Although I had a wonderful career in conservation, there’s much more I want to accomplish in life. However, even though my library is full of “self help” and “personal development” books, something was missing.

The very first introductory video from Mark Januszewski about the Master Keys turned on the lights. I realized that like the vast majority of people, I had been living life backwards. Somewhere between leaving corporate life and launching a business of my own, I had lost my way.

Even after all these years, I had not really, really defined who I am, what I stand for and what my definite major purpose in life really is. That’s what I am currently focused upon and why I’ve created this website.

Follow me in my journey if you like. And if you see what I see be sure to reserve a spot on the train for 2020. It’ll be available in about September 2020.