Blogging Tips MKMMA Week 8-3

One of the most instructive things about the Masterkey Experience for most Members is the journal they keep in the form of a blog. This can be a bit of a challenge for anyone who has not put up a WordPress Blog. Struggling with the technology stuff is frustrating and distracting sometimes. Here are a few blogging tips and pointers regarding some common problems I have noted. Enjoy the post and let me know if there are other questions or problems about blogs and blogging you would like covered.

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Hopefully these blogging tips will make someone’s journey a bit smoother and serve as one of those helpers along the way. You can check out my own journey from 2015 here and from 2016 right here. It’s been a blast.

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Rip Yegerman - 2017-11-20

“no need or desire to retire.” …I love that!!! Me TOO!!! Who would? …hmmmm Someone that works, or goes to work because they think that they have to. So sad. I understand it, but I do not endorse it 😉 Thanks Terry! You are AWESOME!!!

    Terrence Neraasen - 2017-11-20

    Hey Rip thanks for dropping by. You probably know all that stuff but for those who don’t I thought providing something to smooth the technological bumps would help them concentrate of the mental work.


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