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Law of Compensation And The Golden Rule MKMMA Week 23-3

People who always keep their promises by doing what they say they will, are much admired by those with whom they interact. They are also usually characterized by the fact they talk little but do much about their plans. Such individuals let their actions and the results achieved attest to their integrity. They have formed the habit of keeping promises to themselves. It then becomes easy to keep promises made to others. They understand the Law of Compensation.

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Live For Today

Live for Today for Tomorrow Never Comes When you go about your daily life what are you thinking about most of the time? Are you dreaming of the future or fondly remembering your past? Do you live for today? I think you should spend some time doing both. Thinking about your successes, times when you’ve […]

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Nature’s Greatest Miracle In My Backyard

Look And You Will Find Nature’s Greatest Miracle Everywhere My backyard has been alive with bird life this Spring. It’s been quite amusing and even exciting to watch “The Little General“, who just knows he’s nature’s greatest miracle. He’s not big but he casts a big shadow. I wrote about this elsewhere but I wanted […]

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