Bombard The Limbic System With Your Definite Major Purpose

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In the third week we step up the work on our Definite Major Purpose. And as we read The Greatest Salesman In The World three times per day we now invoke the power of the Watchman at the Gate. We consciously remove the word “will” as we read. This is taking charge and influencing the subconscious to do what you want. One small step in a progression

We are also exposed to the concept that decisions are predetermined in the Limbic System of the brain. This primitive area of the brain evaluates risk to reward ratio of any action based on past influences and basically predetermines one’s response to any particular situation. That’s primarily why making a resolution to change something in your life is ineffective. If you are a smoker or want to lose wight you’ll know that resolving to quit or lose 30 pounds rarely works out.

But we can influence subby by constantly bombarding the Limbic system with thoughts focused clearly on what you do want. Half measures do not work. So in our situation we put on a “full court press” with our Definite Major Purpose, Master Key and The Greatest Salesman readings, the exercises, and our chore cards, three times per day. With Enthusiasm!

Fear Creeps In

You wonder “what if I give 100% and it does not work?” That’s fear and your current good old friendly blueprint talking. Persevere and you’ll develop faith in your ability to achieve what you desire as expressed through you definite major purpose.

Just surrender to the process and to the knowledge that the world without truly is a reflection of the world within. And that we have the enormous power of controlling our thoughts to change the world within. Isn’t the riskiest thing we can do is ignore this 4000 year old wisdom and fail to commit 100% to the world within…. the one we want to build!

What we are doing here is training our mind in much the same way Mr. Miyagi trained Daniel. The seemingly childish, repetitious exercises that appear unrelated to the end result turn out to be fundamental to whole body and mind control. We are consciously training our minds to turn desirable thoughts and actions over to the infallible subconscious mind, making them habitual, automatic and inexorable.

Commit 100% to the entire experience. There is no other way.

Inject SMART Goals Into The Definite Major Purpose

Last week we chose the Personal Pivotal Needs that are the driving forces of our new blueprint; the Definite Major Purpose we have been crafting. These were weaved into our DMP. Some of us are clear on these PPN’s and how they relate to the goals we establish. Others are not so clear and the resultant outline of our new blueprint is fuzzy.

Some work is required to get clear on these. It’s sometimes difficult to throw off the shackles of what we think others expect of us. At this point I am reminded of a what Bob Proctor once wrote; “I am not who I think I am. I am not who you think I am. I am who I think you think I am.” The process through which we now go is to clearly determine who we know ourselves to be.

Some work on PPN’s may be necessary. There’s nothing wrong with changing a PPN at this stage if doing so improves the basic structure on which we build our new blueprint . Now we also move to refine the picture we are building even more by introducing S.M.A.R.T goals. We need specifics and precision in the same way an engineer needs precise architectural drawings, his blueprints, to actually create the structure described.

Let’s Get SMART

So this week we are required to ensure our goals are very specific. Generalities will not do. We must also ensure they are measurable since we must be able to gauge progress and know when we have actually attained the desired result or end point. Planning to be rich beyond your wildest dreams is neither specific not measurable. And the goals must be bounded by specific dates. Your subconscious must have specific details on which to work. Your job is to provide the details, and to do the work of impressing the subconscious with enthusiasm and feeling.

The goals must be achievable and realistic. These requirements can be a significant stumbling block to achieving what you really want. We will often fall prey to the “methods available determine the dream” syndrome I talked about last week.

This very often results in aiming way too low because we underestimate the power of our intention. On the other hand we must guard against flights of fantasy. There is a balancing act here but as Og says “ .. is it not better to aim my spear at the moon and strike only an eagle, than to aim my spear at an eagle and strike only a rock?” Just don’t underestimate the power within.

What do these silly little chores and chore cards have to do with developing this new blueprint and manifesting our desire? Well it’s all part of the process. Your subconscious cannot differentiate between a tiny goal or one of your major life’s goals. When you train your subconscious to know that you invariably complete what you start, you will put into effect the infinite resources available to it, regardless of the size of the task or nature of the intention. This is where effortless creation comes from.

Do You Feel Resistance?

So do the work. Commit 100% to the process. When you feel what you as asked to do is useless, unreasonable or childish and refuse to carry through or give it your full attention, ask yourself these questions:


  • Is it possible what I am feeling about this is a result of my past experience and a reluctance to step into the unknown and out of my comfort zone?
  • What will change if I do nothing?
  • Am I not here to change things in my life?
  • What do I have to lose by surrendering to the process?
  • What am I here to accomplish?”

You decide.

May the Power be Yours,

Definite Major Purpose


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