Excellence Attracts Attention

There is much talk these days about raising the minimum hourly rate for workers to a living wage. There’s resistance to the idea and workers feel powerless to influence the decision. They live in a society governed by representatives whose success is dependent on businesses that fund their elections. But there’s one thing workers can do. They can perform their jobs at a level of excellence that attracts attention.

The worker who always performs assigned tasks to the best of his or her ability will soon be rewarded with more responsibility and higher wages. Someone, either the current employer or a firm looking for excellent employees will notice and act to keep a good employee, or to acquire one.

Excellence Means Going the Extra Mile

The employee who does the tasks assigned extremely well and who looks for ways to do even more is an even more valuable asset. Going the proverbial extra mile attracts even more attention. It enhances the individual’s chances for advancement or being offered new and better positions elsewhere. It’s also a valuable learning experience. Voluntarily taking on different tasks provides opportunities to gain exposure to more aspects of the business that may  enhance chances of promotion and better pay. Who knows; it could lead to your being the employer, rather than the employee!

None of this suggests that the minimum wage doesn’t need to be increased. Nor does it say that employers shouldn’t have to pay a living wage. It does mean that employees are not stuck at the minimum wage level unless their attitude is to do the minimum required to retain their job. If one takes responsibility and shows initiative, the minimum wage may be short lived in a thriving business.

It all comes down to attitude. If your attitude is one of always doing your best and serving your customers and your employer to the best of your ability, you’ll go far. And excellence is contagious. Lead the way.

May the Power be Yours,

Excellence is contagious


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