Finding Your Purpose In Life

The Secret To Finding Your Purpose In Life

purpose in lifeThere comes a time when you embark on the quest of finding your purpose in life. This journey can begin at anytime in your life. If you are among the fortunate few, you will have found it early in life and have been following your bliss throughout your life.

The best example of that wonderful situation is the life of Joseph Campbell who spent his entire life studying and bringing to all of us the wondrous stories of Myth and how each of us undergoes a Hero’s Journey of our own.

The majority of people  seem to have a problem defining their mission or the major goal they want to achieve in life. Consequently when asked “do you have a purpose in life”  they have no answer.

For some that’s because they have never asked themselves “do I have a purpose in life” or “what is my purpose”. Most people probably have the intention of being successful and as children have big dreams about what they want to be. They have a purpose in life.

But what happens to those enthusiastic, imaginative kids over the years? Those big dreams mostly get trampled under the onslaught of opinions, ideas, and rules imposed by parents, schools, friends, relatives and on and on. They get pushed into little cubbyholes of conformity and forget their purpose.

Do you wonder “what should my purpose in life be now”?

Other people, myself included, discover their purpose in life needs rejuvenation. Having accomplished what they set out to do for a period in their lives, many begin to reevaluate what they want to accomplish next. Like me they’ll be asking “what should my purpose in life be now.”

For most, answering that question is not easy. But deciding what you want most out of life is critical, no matter what your age or circumstance. When there is no purpose in life, you float aimlessly, accomplishing little and leading a less than satisfying life.

Discovering or rediscovering your purpose is truly a Hero’s Journey. You’ll know what I mean if you have been frustrated and discouraged because no matter what you do, the goals you set for yourself elude you. You work hard with determination but you just don’t seem to be able to crack the code.

Take heart. There truly is a secret to finding your purpose in life, and I discovered the secret.

Watch the short video below and follow the directions to embarking on your personal Hero’s Journey. 

Here's The Key To Your Purpose In Life

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