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Fine EstateI’ve heard it said by many philosophers including Bob Proctor, when you read a book for the second time, you don’t just see things you missed the first time, you see things that weren’t there before. That’s because your perceptions, your way of seeing things changed between first and second readings. You have to have the outline of an idea or thing in your mind before you are able to see it. So as I go through The Master Key Part V for at least the third time, Haanel’s talk about the Fine Estate awaiting a claimant strikes me with new force.

14. There is a fine estate awaiting a claimant. All the heir has to do is to assert his heirship, take possession, and use the property.

15. In the domain of mind and spirit, in the domain of practical power, such an estate is yours. You are the heir! You can assert your heirship and possess, and use this rich inheritance. Power over circumstances is one of its fruits, health, harmony and prosperity are assets upon its balance sheet.

16. To gain this estate, three processes are necessary: You must earnestly desire it. You must assert your claim. You must take possession.

Charles Haanel

Of course! To this point in the Master Key Experience members have been attempting to describe their deepest desires in the form of a Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement. They have then been subjecting themselves to the tender mercies of a Master Key Experience Guide who insists on very specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound goals related to two Primary Pivotal Needs (PPN’s). All in 400 or less emotionally charged words because “Subby”, the subconscious mind as we fondly call it, must have a very clear vision upon which to act.

I Am Your Guide To The Fine Estate

To cries of “there’s no way I can lay out my vision of the future me in so few words, and you keep asking for more information” which I intuitively hear from my Tribe, I kindly but insistently draw them to a passage from The Master Key System that goes like this:

Accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.

Words are thoughts and are therefore an invisible and invincible power which will finally objectify themselves in the form they are given.

Charles Haanel

That’s because that fine estate Haanel refers to is the vision engendered in the Definite Major Purpose. It comes alive with the earnest desire you must have. You assert your claim by very clearly defining your deepest desires (the DMP). And you claim it by making that DMP so real in your mind that nothing can keep it from you. Because you believe and you have faith.

Faith is not a shadow, but a Substance!

The substance of things hoped for.

The evidence of things not seen!

It’s’ all worth it I think. And finally relief from the 400 words arrives. All members get to pour out all the details in a Press Release. It’s the story of exactly how each of us got to where we wanted to be when we began the DMP process. But now we know how to impress Subby in the most powerful ways.

It’s an evolutionary process. Details will change. The path take to the goals evolve over time. But the primary motivators, the deepest desires don’t waver once they are clearly established. It takes time to do it right but it’s all worth it in the end.

May the Power be Yours,

Fine Estate



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