I Don’t Get Paid For Doing That

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who do only what’s specifically required of them to get paid their wage, and those who do whatever is required to do the job. The latter often look for opportunities to do more than is required to earn their hourly or monthly wage. Which attitude would you prefer in a co-worker or employee? The obvious answer is the individual whose attitude has them going the extra mile to provide the best service of which they are capable.

Both individuals may have a strong “what’s in it for me attitude”. That’s a natural and pretty universal consideration for anyone who enters into any kind of bargain or contract,, formal or informal. But these two types of people have fundamentally different attitudes overall.

Pay Me Now Attitude

The person whose attitude is they do nothing beyond a well defined set of tasks unless they get paid something extra, is aiming very low in life. In fact they likely have no defined goals or purpose. They take what life may give and just go with the flow. They may do a great job of those things required of them and thus continue to earn a living at what they do. At least until someone more capable comes along and takes their job.

Someone who rises to the challenge of tasks over and above those generally required of the position they occupy very likely has aspirations for more and better things in their life. They perhaps have a desire for promotion within the company, a better salary and the perks associated with a higher position. They knowt taking on additional duties not only gets them noticed, it also potentially allows them to learn new things. Both enhance their chances for advancement and achievement of their goals. That’s what’s in it for them.

Pay Me Later Attitude

Such individuals will eventually get paid for those extra tasks or duties they undertake. But unlike the person who insists on being paid right now for any extra work, they will be paid at a much higher rate and for a longer period of time.

It pays to go the extra mile and adopt the attitude of always rendering the best possible service possible. One must give in order to receive.



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