Week 8 – Imagination And We Are to Hate Nothing

Imagination – A Mighty Instrument Of Constructive Thought

In the introduction to Part Eight we find that we are free to choose what we think but the result of those thoughts is governed by an immutable law. Imagination is the mechanism that attaches thought to the creative power of the Universal Mind.

“There is therefore but one law, one principle, one cause, one Source of Power, and good and evil are simply words which have been coined to indicate the result of our action, or our compliance or non-compliance with this law.”

“It is evident therefore that we are to hate nothing, not even the “bad,” because hatred is destructive, and we shall soon find that by entertaining destructive thought we are sowing the “wind” and in turn shall reap the “whirlwind.”

Clearly our 7 Day Mental Diet, reading of Scroll II wherein we repeatedly read “I greet this day with love in my heart” and the reading of our four promises on the Giving and Receiving card, are designed to align our thoughts with that immutable law or laws. Two are foremost in my mind: Law of Cause and Effect and Emerson’s Law of Compensation.

Growth Is The Natural Order of Things

Nothing in nature is static. It is either growing or declining, and since the purpose of life is growth, our thoughts take form and are eventually brought into reality under the control of the law of growth (8 – 2). And in 8 -23 it is says that “When man ceases to advance in his thoughts and ideals, his forces immediately begin to disintegrate….,” which is also indicative that growth is the natural order of things.

Destructive thought has undesirable consequences since it is under control of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and effect. We can bring our thoughts into harmony with the Universal by substituting positive, constructive thought for the negative. So we apply the Law of Practice, the Law of Substitution and use The 7 Day Mental Diet as a tool to apply these Laws (8 -3,4,5).

The Concise Blueprint

Again I am impressed with how this lesson frequently links to the Blueprint Builder. In 8 -4 for instance we read “Form the habit of analyzing every thought. If it is necessary, if its manifestation in the objective will be a benefit, not only to yourself, but to all whom it may affect in any way, keep it; treasure it; it is of value; it is in tune with the Infinite; it will grow and develop and produce fruit an hundred fold.” This harkens back to the Blueprint Builder 5 where we read “… therefore I engage in no transaction that does not benefit all whom it affects.”

And I see Blueprint Builder 1 & 2 in 8 -18 which reads “The Law of Attraction will certainly unerringly bring you…. experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual,…. predominant mental attitude. Not what you think once in a while, … BUT your predominant mental attitude is what counts.” I also see the Blueprint Builder reflected in 8 -24 and 25.

We are further made aware of the power of Imagination in this lesson. In 8 -11 we learn “Imagination is the constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action.” And in 8 -12 our DMP comes to the fore when I read “A builder cannot build a structure of any kind until he has first received the plans from the architect, and the architect must get them from his imagination.”

So we must perform mental labour in the form of constructive imagination. We envision our new reality, our DMP; we try to outline every detail, seeking the silence, reading our Plan of Action Card and practicing the imaginative power.

“In order to cultivate the imagination it must be exercised. Exercise is necessary to cultivate the mental muscle as well as physical muscle.” (8 -13). And when we are fully conscious of the fact that Mind is the only creative principle and that it is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, and that we can come into harmony with this Omnipotence through our power of thought, we will have taken a huge leap!

We are given a process whereby we can exercise the imaginative faculties of the Mind.

The Subcoscious Mind Seat of GeniusAnd I think again of E = MC² which to me, in the context of our journey means:

Energy can become matter.

Thought is energy.

Thought is creative energy.

Concentrated Thought Creates Your Reality = Matter



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Dennis - 2015-11-21

Terry – I like the science picture in your energy formula. And love the fact the our marvellous mental muscle is flexing big time with all the exercise it’s been subjected to in the past few weeks!

Terrence Neraasen - 2015-11-22

Indeed, what a well crafted progression. Mark J and The Fab Davene really do have a Method to Their Madness!

Stephen Serna - 2015-11-23

Again you are linking… firing and wiring together Terry…Brilliant…You Got This. 🙂

    Terrence Neraasen - 2015-11-24

    Muchas gracias!

Chuck D - 2015-11-27

I see more and more of us are beginning to identify the parallels linking the various parts together. 🙂

Two nights ago, I found “The Secret” on Netflix, which focusses on “The Law of Attraction,” and that caused me y’day morning remember and locate … “What the Bleep Do We Know!”

Enjoyed your post! Great stuff!

    Terrence Neraasen - 2015-11-27

    Thanks Chuck for the support. We seem to be on similar tracks.


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