Mind Control Can Shape Your Future

All students of the Master Key System come to understand that Mind Control is the key to achievement. This week  we call Week 17HJ. It’s a time for review and reflection on where we were and where we are now. I look back and marvel at the progress. I now see how fortunate I’ve been in achieving what I have without the practical structure the Master Key Experience has provided.

All the reading and exercise we have done are directed at achieving our DMP; our Definite Major Purpose. The key to creating that reality is Mind Control coupled with consistent concentration upon what you really want. As I went through the process as a student, I was struck by how familiar much of it sounded. That’s because I had read Napoleon Hill’sThink and Grow Rich‘. Hill was familiar with the Master Key System. His book puts the Master Key System into simple language and applies it to real life situations.

Besides Think and Grow Rich, I was familiar with the writings and audios of Earl Nightingale, among other personal development authorities. His famous article/audio called ‘The Strangest Secret In The World‘ just happens to be a superb summary of the application of The Master Key System. That audio is below. Listen to it and see what I mean.

The Strangest Secret In The World

If you are a student of MKMMA, you will have recognized the road map of the journey you have been on, as you listened to Nightingale’s ‘The Strangest Secret‘. Now, you will note I have inserted another audio below. That is one I recorded of Chapter 4 (Autosuggestion) from ‘Think and Grow Rich‘. As you listen to that know that it represents the perfect application of what every student of mind control must do in order to get what we truly want in life. So enjoy.


May The Power Be Yours

Mind Control


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Frank Vitolo - 2018-01-26

Great post Terry! Listened to the audios sitting still with my eyes closed. Really got a lot out of it. Hearing it over again has to work in my favor. Great job narrating the auto suggestion chapter. Thanks!

    Terrence Neraasen - 2018-01-27

    Glad you enjoyed it Frank. I really like both audios. Have them on my phone along with most of the Master Key Lessons, the Scrolls, DMP, Blueprint Builder, etc. which I listen to when I am out for a walk.


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