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MKMMA 2015

Week 1 – The Olive Tree and The Onion Plant
The Value of Experience is Overrated The deep hidden secrets of these words are being revealed to me now. At[...]
Week 2 – The Seat Of Genius
The Subconscious Mind Is The Seat Of Genius I now begin to more fully appreciate the wonderful power of the[...]
Week 3 Listen To That Gut Feeling
The Physical Reality I bet everyone has that "gut feeling" about something or someone; meaning they just know something is[...]
Week 4 – The Sun Centre Opens
Discover The "I" - The Pieces Begin To Come Together This Week 4 is full to the brim. I am[...]
Week 5 – Seeking The Silence
I want to direct you to the music of Frederic Delarue which I find helps me as I sit, seeking[...]
Week 6 – Love In My Heart
What a mantra and I saw evidence of it all around me today. The beautiful young lady at the pizza[...]
Week 7 – Major Breakthrough!
Mind Power Three weeks ago I related to you the experience I had while sitting and seeking The Silence as[...]
Week 8 – Imagination And We Are to Hate Nothing
Imagination - A Mighty Instrument Of Constructive Thought In the introduction to Part Eight we find that we are free[...]
Week 9 – Law Of Attraction Affirm Your Reality
The Universal Cosmological Law of Attraction Haanel continues to teach us how to fashion the tools by which we can[...]
Week 10 – Persistence Brings Success
Persistence Brings Success In Any Endeavour I am late with this post for good reason. Here's why and a great[...]
Week Eleven – Inductive Reasoning
I must admit the language in sections of Master Keys Part Eleven seems archaic and convoluted. Perhaps that's why I'm[...]
Week 12 – Power Of Thought Seek The Silence
Power Of Thought In Creating Your Reality In the introduction to Master Key - Part Twelve Haanel reminds us again that "Knowledge[...]
Week 13 Beyond Inductive Reasoning
Week 13 Beyond Inductive Reasoning Power This week is one of huge challenges and supreme joy, all at the same[...]
Four Key Habits Of Successful People
The Four Key Habits Of Successful People Create Persistence What is success other than a state of mind? Definitions abound,[...]
Week 14 In Harmony With The Universal Mind
Connecting The Universal Mind With Our Consciousness This week is one of celebration and reflection. It's busy with all the[...]
Week 15 – We Become What We Think ABout
We Become What We Think About All Day Long This is the key to success and the key to failure;[...]
Week 16 – Reflections Upon Master Mind Power
Master Mind Power I am compelled to write about Master Mind Power this week. As I was reading The Master[...]
Week 17 – Developing Insight And Nurturing Intuition
The Gods We Worship I am seventeen weeks into a relentless progression toward control of my thoughts. Haanel has gently[...]
Week 17HJ – A Super Hero In My Own Mind
I'm A Super Hero On A Hero's Journey As a kid I could be a Super Hero on demand. Mandino[...]
Week 18 – Being Present
"Shoulda Coulda Woulda" Part of what Mandino tells us in The Scroll Marked V (The Greatest Salesman In The World)[...]
Week 19 – Taking Initiative And Our Connection To Universal Intelligence
Taking Initiative And Connecting To Universal Intelligence I am running way behind this week. What I was pretending not to[...]
Week 20 – Inspiration Is A Many Splendored Thing
Inspiration And The Omnipresence of Omnipotence Part Twenty of The Master Key is a pivotal lesson for me. Inspiration is,[...]
Week 21 – Subconscious Mind Cares Not About Size
Subconscious Mind Has No Concept Of Magnitude The Subconscious Mind is our connection to the Universal Mind. It's where all the[...]
Week 22 – Law Of Vibration Emotions And Health
Law of Vibration Placebo Effect and More This week is all about mind, medicine, health, well being and The Law[...]
Self-reliance Reveals Power Within
Self-reliance and Non-conformity This is high praise indeed for those who have the courage of their convictions and an understanding[...]
Week 23 Spiritual Power Is The Mightiest Force In Existence
Spiritual Power Is The Most "Practical" Thing In The World In The Master Key Part Twenty-Three Haanel speaks of the[...]
Week 24 – Spirit Is All There Is
Spirit and Universal Mind Are One The Master Key Part Twenty-Four conjures thoughts and linkages regarding Spirit and attitudes of[...]