Persisting Leads To Huge Rewards | MKMMA Week 11-3

Persisting And The Big Pay Off

This week in the Master Key Experience comes as a huge revelation to many. That definitely includes me in my first session way back in 2015. I had no idea what persisting with all the exercises, reading, blogging and DMP development was leading me to. And the Week 11 Webcast provided the big payoff that Mark J and the Fabulous Davene told us was coming.

It just so happens we turn the Page to The Scroll Marked III in The Greatest Salesman In The World. I recorded it and listen to it on occasion, especially when my reading arrives at Scroll III. It’s posted here as well.

The Scroll Marked III

It opens with “I will persist until I succeed.” And of course that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. And I am struck with the power of what I and my fellow travelers have accomplished.  The pay off is that persistence is a fundamental habit developed by the cultivation of four other tiny habits that are the key to success in any venture. As I said then:

“Persistence is a habit.

It’s a good habit.

I have it.

You can have it too if you develop the four key habits of successful people which culminate in the habit of persistence. I have them.

The four key habits of successful people are simple and easily cultivated. It is true that anyone can have them.

They are as follows:

Four Key Habits of Successful People

  1. A Definite Major Purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment
  2. A Definite Plan expressed in continuous action
  3. A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.
  4. A friendly Master Mind Alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose. 

And this year I look to my Tribe to see if they have fathomed the power and importance of what they have done.

May The Power Be Yours,

Persisting Pays Off


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Terrence Neraasen

Just consider me a Boomer with no need or desire to retire. I'm constantly learning and striving for excellence. My passions are Family and the natural world to which I dedicate myself and all my efforts.

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Frank Vitolo - 2017-12-04

Thanks Terry, I have always viewed persistence from a sink or swim mentality. Aside from a good work ethic that I have always carried, it is really great to have it now linked with the 4 steps listed. That, for me, makes it anchored to more than just survival skills, or what a man committed to providing for his family is supposed to do. The funny thing is life gave me what I asked for, just survival. Now it is a different story! I am asking of life what I know I deserve, and can certainly achieve! It is so much more than I ever imagined before, and I am excited for myself! Thanks for your guidance and encouragement, I need it more than you could know. Frank.

    Terrence Neraasen - 2017-12-04

    Indeed. Persistence takes on a whole new and much more encompassing meaning than “never quit”, though that remains a significant factor. It’s great to be on this journey with you Frank. You are a shining light on the path. Thanks for what you do. Your thoughtful comments on the blogs of others inspire them.

Frank Vitolo - 2017-12-14

Thanks Terry, I read your post from 2015, and I also had the same issue with the inductive reasoning section. I kept reading it, and kept picking it apart in pieces. By the end of the week, it became better, and reading your post helped even more. I can see you like to dig in to things that puzzle you as well! Nice work!

    Terrence Neraasen - 2017-12-14

    Frank good work on your part. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who make things happen and those who wonder what happened but never follow up to figure it out. You are one of those who may at times wonder what happened, but always dig into it and discover why. That’s the only way to progress.


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