The Written Word Has An Invincible Power To Create

Wrtten Word DMPWe all know words we speak can be interpreted in different ways depending on exactly how we say the words. The written word can sometimes express something different than the actual words themselves.

Our tone of voice and volume can modify how the words are interpreted by others.

Our expressions, gestures and body language generally can impart very different meaning to the words we say.

Even more remarkable is that all of those things are perceived by the listener whether they can see the speaker or not.

You don’t just send out vibrations in the form of sound when you speak.

You radiate thought and emotional vibrations as well. Someone speaking to you on the phone knows you are smiling, confident and relaxed even though they can’t see you.

They also know if you are tense, uncertain and upset despite not being able to see you. You may attempt to sound relaxed and confident as you speak but your true feelings are very often transmitted to the listener.

Some people are more sensitive to these nonverbal clues and vibrations than others, but we are all capable of picking them up.

The Written Word Transmits Emotional Vibrations

Now here’s an even more interesting concept. In The Master Key Part Twenty-Seven, Haanel says the following:

41. Not only this, but the letters that you write carry not only the message the words contain but they are charged with an energy corresponding with the nature of your thought and therefore often bring a very different message than the one you intended to send.

I’ve read about people who are very adept at determining the characteristics of other people simply by analyzing their hand writing. I’m betting you’ve seen a mystery movie or TV show where the sleuth brings in such an expert to help solve some crime or other mystery.

But this idea that your true feelings can be transmitted through the written word (as opposed to type written) and can convey a different message than the actual words is truly amazing. That would mean the act of writing those words can somehow transfuse them with a vibration matching your true feeling or emotional state.

So now I know why I’ve heard many times, that one should write goals and objectives by hand, not type them as current technology so readily allows. As you write them out you infuse them with emotion in the process. And when you read them or your Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement, they are already charged with your true desires.

When you inject feeling and emotion into the words as you read them, you influence your subconscious mind over and over. Eventually the words become part of your belief system and the Subconscious goes to work on manifestation.

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The Act Of Writing Expresses Feeling for Me

Lets’ take this one step further. I really feel good when I’m writing longhand.  I can be writing in my journal. Or I may be writing quotes, goals, good memories or past accomplishments on index cards. I have several high quality fountain pens and a supply of bottled ink or cartridges for those pens. My writing looks and feels better when I use those fine instruments. I am constantly testing new ball point pens in the search for ones that allow me to write a script that looks and feels good to me.

I now understand there’s a deep inner principle behind how the act of writing affects me and makes what I write more meaningful. It helps me express my true thoughts and desires. It is an emotion driven process with me. Perhaps that is a compensatory mechanism because I am not an outwardly emotional or demonstrative individual.

Hand Write Your Goals and Purpose Statement

Written Word JournalsI think the principle is universal. It is more than just an exercise in memory enhancement when you write something out longhand. So write your desires, goals, objectives and life’s purpose using the best writing instrument you can find. Make them clear, concise and imbued with powerful emotion. Do the same when you read them aloud. I think you’ll be very pleased with the results.

The proviso is you must be very clear on what you truly desire. Ambivalence about what you say in your goals or DMP will be reflected in your written words. So spend some time deciding what your Personal Pivotal Needs are. Then be sure the goals you write out are designed to serve those needs. In that way you’ll be clear on your true purpose and your writing and reading will serve to help manifest your desires.

I’m going to write out my DMP longhand frequently from now on. I read it and recite it aloud every day. But the process of writing it out once a week, or once a month, will enhance the power of autosuggestion. See Chapter IV, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for a discussion of autosuggestion.

May The Power Be Yours,


The Written Word



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Cindy - 2017-10-22

Great thinker, a lot of things to read here and think about, I have been looking for something like this for awhile, done a few other courses including go90 grow sending out a hello , appreciate getting a note back. I am so glad I kept an open mind

    Terrence Neraasen - 2017-10-22

    Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you are on your own MKE Journey. It’s definitely worth your time and effort. I’ll hop on over to your blog also.


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