Recording With Audacity

This is a simple, unedited tutorial about using Audacity ( It’s a fairly straight forward process:

  • Download and Install Audacity
  • Open the software, select your speakers and microphone and check their volumes
  • Record your DMP, Press Release or other file
  • Import a .mp3 music file for the background music
  • Adjust the length of the imported music track
  • Adjust the volume of the imported music track
  • Export the recording to a .mp3 file (or other audio format- lots of choices) and save the .mp3 file in your audio recordings or music folder
  • Save your Audacity file to a .aup file so you can open it later to edit it if you wish
  • Exit

Go find your .mp3 recording and have it available on your phone, tablet or the like so you can listen to it whenever and wherever you are. Your subconscious has absolutely no defense against your voice and will proceed to marshal immense resources to fulfill the demand of your belief.

May The Power Be Yours,



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