Connecting To The Source

This week of the Master Key Experience is pivotal. It’s the stage at which we begin to fashion the tools needed to manifest our reality. The habits needed to persistently take the action required to build or reinforce the character and faith needed to achieve a Definite Major Purpose have been established. Now we need the tools to make it happen. And that means we must think correctly in order to know the truth.

And what’s the Truth? Simply that whatever it is you believe, that is in harmony with natural laws and takes no one else’s good, cannot fail to appear in your environment. But you must form the image in your mind, see every detail and make it so real that you cannot know what’s more real; the image or the substance. This calls for visualization, a product of the spiritual power of imagination. And it calls for practice and exercise of mental muscle in the same way a weight lifter practices and exercises the muscles of the body.

Spiritual Power

Last week we imagined a battleship, seeing it in all it’s bulk and power in the physical environment. We took it back in our minds to the point it no longer existed, except as a blueprint on the designer’s table. Then we went back even further to the principle that allowed such a behemoth to float and ply the seas in the first place. All of this the product of the imagination and mind in motion. Simply thought.

Now we become creative and invoke the power of Imagination to bring a flower into glorious existence from seed to fragrant, beautiful blossoming glory. This is the thing of which all achievement is comprised. This mental exercise is what will connect us to the Infinite, the Universal Mind.

So we build our vision, make it clear, make it beautiful and know that nothing the Mind Can Conceive and Believe, can be kept from us.┬áBut that’s a double edged sword. Think good thoughts; create goodness and light. Think incorrect thoughts of discord and inharmony; create chaos.

To Think Correctly Gets Difficult

It’s also true the American Thanksgiving is on this week. That creates a challenge for many Master Key Experience members not only to think correctly, but to think for themselves. Many head back into environments populated by family and friends who have actually authored many aspects of the “Old Blueprint” that is being redrawn. On top of that there is no webinar this week. It’s a great test of character and commitment to continue faithfully with the readings, exercises and enthusiastic recitation of DMPs. Those who make it through this week are unstoppable.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my American friends and everyone have a superb week if independent, correct thinking! Think correctly and….

The Power Is Yours,

think correctly



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