Her Thought Has Taken Her Far

Everything has its origin in a thought. It that is backed by a burning desire to achieve the object of that thought, great things happen. Take Jamie Macdonald for instance. The image below tells the story.

Power of Thought

She imagines going to The Olympics. She’s perhaps 6 years of age and just beginning to take up the sport of speed skating.  Seventeen years later she is a member of the Canadian Olympic Team and about to fulfill her dream. She’s an Olympian, competing in the Women’s Short Track 500 Metre Race and the Relay.

She has lived the Hero’s Journey for seventeen years. It’s not done yet. All who have embarked on the this MKMMA Journey can likely imagine the ups and downs she’s faced. We can envision the challenges, the decisions required and the days when she wondered if she’d ever get where she wanted to go.

She Never Stopped Moving Forward

We can also imagine the mentors she’s found who helped her along the way. We know there must have been people and resources that appeared just when needed. We know these appeared because she kept her deepest desire burning brightly and never stopped moving forward despite the obstacles she must have met.

The ultimate challenge is now at hand as she enters the Global Arena at Peyong Chang, South Korea. This is what she’s dreamed about for so long. Does it matter if she wins Gold, or Silver, or Bronze? Absolutely not! She’s there! She has reached her goal. I am certain she’ll tell you the most important thing about the quest is the journey itself.

I can imagine the trip was definitely not exactly as imagined. If you strive to achieve a specific goal and the path you take has twists and turns you never imagined, don’t be dismayed. If your schedule is off and you’re not where you expected to be at a certain point in time, don’t be dismayed. You’ll get there. Just keep the goal, your purpose front and foremost. Exactly how you get there is not completely for you to decide.

May the Power Be Yours,

Power of Thought


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Terrence Neraasen

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Luisa zuccato - 2018-02-16

I sure needed to read this, thank you and I am truly grateful to have you as my guide. Regards Luisa xo

    Terrence Neraasen - 2018-02-21

    Thanks for dropping by Luisa. I’m glad the thoughts may have helped even in some small way. You are doing great- you’re here and taking action. That’s awesome.


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