Week 13 Beyond Inductive Reasoning Power

This week is one of huge challenges and supreme joy, all at the same time. I persist through the continuing challenges related to Internet Security with much aplomb. But I rejoice with the family all here for Christmas! As I attempt to write this I have 6 grandchildren and 3 cousins thundering around in joyous abandon! A big smile is on my face and I’m bursting with joy. It seems a bit incongruous to be writing about inductive reasoning power.

The flash cards I’ve been reading have been reinforcing that I am an accomplished, trustworthy, talented and very caring person. I get a little choked up at times as I read some of the items included, because of the powerful memories they invoke.

I’ve been adding three things for which I am grateful every day. This is another enlightening exercise which I am eager to continue.

I have been very consistent with the readings of the Greatest Salesman, the Blueprint Builder, The Master Keys, my Plan of Action (POA), the Service Card, and the Flash Cards despite all the Christmas activities. What has suffered a bit is follow through on some of the POA actions. But I’m not going to beat myself up on that score. I have established good habits and am their slave.

So on to Master Key – Part Thirteen

Beyond Inductive Reasoning Power

I am still digesting this part but my thoughts so far are noted below.

Physical science and the scientific method, the origin of which rests with Sir Francis Bacon more than three hundred years in the past, has brought us many wonders. But it is the combination of conscious inductive reasoning power and the spiritual power of thought which brought us the greatest of modern wonders and enduring institutions.

Haanel says the dreamers of the past are the architects of greatness because their vision lies within their souls. What they create persists and flourishes because they were, and continue to be, the channels through which the Universal Mind creates all that men of vision dream about.

He goes on to enumerate the many ways in which the scientific method, properly applied, has allowed physical science to explain and harness Natural Law to the benefit of humankind. But he also points out that physical science is at a loss to explain how life is breathed into the inanimate, mineral world and just how the power of thought creates.

I appreciate his comment that “Spiritual science has previously been the football of the uneducated, the superstitious, the mystical, but men are now interested in definite methods and demonstrated facts only.”

I am educated as a scientist and imbued with the rules and mores of the scientific method. I know how modern science tends to reject any thought or assertion that it cannot reduce to a simple common denominator. It has always been so. Inductive reasoning power has its limitations.

Things which science cannot explain are often attributed to some supernatural occurrence. Cults and societies spring forth around these phenomena. And then there are those who assert there are some things about which we must not think we have the right to question. All great dreamers like Columbus and Galileo were ridiculed and even persecuted for challenging the current dogma. They turned out to be examples of Haanel’s architects of greatness.

So when Haanel says, as he has many times and in many ways, that it is the creative power of thought which explains that which science cannot. He says this applies to people who seem to possess unusual power which we cannot account for, even with the best of scientific investigation.

The thought that I can manifest whatever I desire because of the spiritual power of thought is foreign to my logical, scientific train of thought. But it should not be so. I simply surrender to the Silence and seek the Infinite Intelligence. All I must do is create a very clear picture of what I want and send that thought to the Universal Mind.

But I must not make the mistake of thinking I must create the means for it’s attainment. I cannot influence or direct the Infinite. I must simply be in harmony with Natural Laws. The Blueprint Builder. my DMP and the 7 Laws of the Mind have been taking me there.

It also hits me that when Haanel says we all want Happiness and Harmony, he’s telling us that’s the way to connecting with the Infinite Intelligence. So I take the idea that I am one with the Infinite to the Sit and seek enlightenment. I also seek confirmation that my Personal Pivotal Needs and my DMP are in harmony.

Increase in me that wisdom Which discovers my truest interest, Strengthens my resolution To perform that which wisdom dictates” (Franklin) resonates powerfully in my mind and heart. This is what I seek.

Inductive Reasoning Power


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Terrence Neraasen

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Dennis - 2015-12-27

The concept is foreign to most of us – until we learn to translate the language of the heart and have the faith to stay focused on our purpose. Tough road to follow when our former so-called rational thinking throws stumbling blocks in front of us every day! Great Post Terry! Congratulations for pushing through…

    Terrence Neraasen - 2015-12-27

    Right on Dennis! Thanks for your thoughts and support.

Terrence Neraasen - 2016-01-03

A true Master Mind Saskia! That’s what it’s all about. Thanks for reading and thanks for your kindness.

Stephen Serna - 2016-01-04

BAM!!! you got this Terry. 🙂


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