Week 6 – Love In My Heart

I will greet this day with love in my heart

Og Mandino

Love-Wallpaper-loveWhat a mantra and I saw evidence of it all around me today. The beautiful young lady at the pizza shop, taking orders on the phone with a shining smile for the unseen but undoubtedly aware customer was one. That smile came from within.

And as I described this to my wife she related a similar story about a co-worker whom she told “you are beautiful from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. And more importantly all beauty starts from within, from the heart. And you definitely qualify.”

My wife is one of those people too.

Master Key – Part Six

I am constantly reminded that our Blueprint Builder is a comprehensive summary of the Master Key System, packed with so much knowledge and principle that it’s mind boggling.

Example: From the Master Key I read “The knowledge that if we infringe on the rights of others, we become moral thorns….. success is contingent upon the highest moral ideal, which is ‘The greatest good to the greatest number.’, calls to mind “I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure unless built on truth and justice, therefore I engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.” from the Blueprint Builder.

Go through that Blueprint Builder and you will find parallels ad infinitum.

Then I see “… thought is mind in motion (just as wind is air in motion), and its effect will depend entirely on the mechanism to which it is attached.”

Oldwatch_mech_SmallThe analogy of electric energy manifesting it’s effects through mechanisms that variously create light, heat,  or motive power, to the reality of thought energy manifesting it’s effects through the mechanism of the human brain in which has been planted a vision of a new reality, is exquisite. It’s also beyond my ability to fully fathom at this time.

But I can be what I will to be!

That nothing in our world is outside the realm of things this marvelous brain of ours can create, if but you impress upon its embryonic form the vision of what is desired, I am beginning to understand. As long as that desired effect is in harmony with natural law and the Universal, it will be created.

But here we also learn that concentrated thought, focused on a very specific desired effect, which can only yield desired results with consistent practice, is absolutely essential.

Attention or concentration is probably; the most important essential in the development of mind culture. The possibilities of attention when properly directed are so startling that they would appear hardly credible to the uninitiated

Master Key 6: 19

 Much like the sun’s power being focused and concentrated through the mechanism of a magnifying glass, the focusing of the power of thought by attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time can create what would seem impossible.

Of course we are training our mind and focusing repeatedly and consistently on our Definite Major Purpose as we Experience the Master Key System. We envision and create in our minds a clear mental picture of the person we wish to become. We reinforce this vision with shapes, colours and images which represent our goals and aspirations. We practice observing the Seven Laws of the Mind daily. We are creating our reality according to these Laws.

The Application

Movie PosterEarly in the week I sat and concentrated on a picture of a grandson or my wife for 10 minutes, forming in my mind a complete and detailed image. Then I closed my eyes and attempted to recall every detail and see it as clearly as I had earlier. This is not too difficult.

Then I switched to the image of my Movie Poster, which represents the elements of my DMP. This is more difficult. There are many elements, each of which I can individually envision with my eyes closed. But creating a full and complete composite image is very difficult.

But this is what I must do, not just with the picture, but with the reality it represents. I look forward to the next step in this evolution with faith that it will help me complete the vision.

As I see in Master Key 6 – 33, thought is the process by which we can absord the Spirit of Power so it becomes a part of our ordinary consciousness. Persistent practice of a few fundamental principles is the Master Key which unlocks the storehouse of Universal Truth.

I’m getting it.

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Terrence Neraasen

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Chuck D - 2015-11-07

Very nicely stated, all of it. I especially enjoyed seeing your ‘vision board,’ what will be, and understanding ‘who’ you will become in being “there.”

    Terrence Neraasen - 2015-11-07

    Thank you Chuck. That vision board will be updated over time as will the DMP. For now I’m happy with it. Bravo for getting your photo on your site. Makes it more personal and engenders trust.

Luigi DeSantis - 2015-11-08

I truly enjoyed reading your Blog. You summarized very well. Keep up the good work.

    Terrence Neraasen - 2015-11-08

    Luigi, thank you for visiting and commenting. Much appreciated. We can all learn from each other.

Stephen Serna - 2015-11-23

Yes, you are getting it Terry. You are linking it all together and as we know thoughts that wire together fire together…Love the movie board, Great job. 🙂


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