Reflections On MKMMA Week 6 from Fellow MKE Travelers

As part of my duties as a Guide I provide assistance where needed to members of my Tribe in particular. One of the ways I do that is to review and comment on their weekly blog post. Each has a wordpress blog and they make posts or journal entries each week, describing their journey. So this week I decided to feature the posts of three such members.  Fellow travelers all on this Master Key Experience journey.

Melody is Impressed with Scroll II

Melody is a fellow traveler on this journey. Here’s a bit of what she has to say. I suggest you click on her name above and hop on over to read and comment. It’s pretty sweet.

“I will greet this day with love in my heart…

I was impressed with scroll #2. It made me realize, again, that love is so very important in every area of life, and business is no different. If I genuinely serve someone through my business based on a need that I believe can be filled with my product or service, I am showing love and concern for them. This is such a great perspective, and I am grateful that it was brought to my attention again. I should always lead with love. In business, in conversations, and all interactions.”

Another of the Fellow Travelers Timeka is Making Huge Strides

Let her tell you a bit herself and then go on over and visit her blog for the rest of the story. Here’s an excerpt from her as a fellow traveler. How’s that for application!

The New Me

Who is this person? where did she come from? This is what I was thinking to myself  this morning as I was making my bed. Yeah I actually make my bed, every morning now. My mother would be so freaking proud of me. I can remember when my mom use to tell me to make my bed every morning, Hell, she had me excused from school one morning just to go home to do so. I always said when I become an adult Im going to do the total opposite of what my mother makes me do.( As all kids say before entering adulthood)

Honestly a big change has happen in the last 6 weeks.

I’ve just about transitioned into a person I always dreamt I could be. I remember thinking to myself 1 year ago. ” Man if I  could just get up in the morning make my bed, make a wonderful breakfast, get dress and start my day with a productive minds set while executing all my daily task. I would be and incredible super woman.” Well, You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. I literally find the time to do exactly everything I need and want to do each day.”

Luisa Is Pumped

Another of those fellow travelers is Luisa. Luisa is one of the more “enthooosiastic” members of the Tribe. Her note is short but you can hear the passion within. Here’s what she wrote.

“Subby is getting a new blueprint, feels a little strange finding out who my true self is. I cant wait to let her light shine so bright that I even shock her! blessings to all who are on this adventure with me in the master key. It is a journey I am totally excited to be on with all of you!”

May the Power be Yours,

Fellow Travelers



P.S. You can read about my impressions from Week 6 2015 here and Week 6 2016 here.

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